From our beginnings in 1807 to our recognition in 1970, NOAA has grown with the nation. In Foundations, NOAA offices and programs trace their origins and relive their histories, telling the stories of the people, ideas, events, and breakthroughs that are the foundations upon which we stand today... more


The last three decades have been a period of great change within NOAA. In Transformations, we tell the stories of recent changes in our missions, technology, and ways of doing business. These stories reveal the NOAA of today: an organization that continues to evolve to meet the needs of the American people...more


NOAA's long voyage of the past two centuries has been challenging and inspiring. The last three decades have been truly revolutionary. But where are we headed? In Visions, we explore the challenges and opportunities of the next 20 years and offer a glimpse into NOAA's future...more