About the Celebration

NOAA's 200th Celebration in 2007 will highlight the rich history of science, service, and stewardship provided to the American public by NOAA and its predecessors. There are many great stories to tell, from the founding of the U.S. Survey of the Coast by Thomas Jefferson to the present-day activities of an agency dedicated to the protection, management, and understanding of our ocean, coasts, and skies.

In 1807, President Thomas Jefferson founded the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (as the Survey of the Coast) to provide nautical charts to the maritime community for safe passage into American ports and along our extensive coastline. The Weather Bureau was founded 1870 and, one year later, the U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries was founded. Individually, these organizations were America's first physical science agency, America's first agency dedicated specifically to the atmospheric sciences, and America's first conservation agency.

The cultures of scientific accuracy and precision, service to protect life and property, and stewardship of resources of these three agencies were brought together in 1970, with the establishment of NOAA, an agency within the Department of Commerce.

Today, in 2007, we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, the establishment of which set in motion a 200-year legacy of science, service, and stewardship.

The Celebration

The 200th anniversary of the Coast and Geodetic Survey is an opportunity for us to honor our heritage by celebrating our innovative and dedicated people, programs, and services. Throughout the year, we will look back and celebrate our past, take stock of where we are in the present, and consider the possibilities that lie in our future. The anniversary is also an opportunity for NOAA to share our story with the American people, linking our past, present, and future contributions to the health and vitality of our nation.

So join us in this nationwide celebration, beginning January 1, 2007 and ending December 31, 2007. Throughout the year, you can participate in a variety of events and happenings and obtain outreach and educational materials, all to learn about how NOAA has impacted our everyday lives throughout its 200-year history.


NOAA 200th Chronicle

Participate in the 200th action, even if you can't be there! NOAA employees attending major 200th events throughout the year will be posting logs and photos chronicling activities. Check back often to see how we are celebrating two centuries of science, service, and stewardship.